LA Series Laminators

Heat-assisted devices for superior finishing

LA Series laminators are heat-assisted devices that improves overlaminate film adhesion, and reduces the potential for silvering effect created by pressure sensitive overlaminates.

  • Heat-assisted devices that provide superior finishing with
    a maximum temperature of 60˚C
  • Laminating speeds of up to 295 linear inches per minute
    (nearly five inches per second)
  • Simple and reliable operation with all functions on
    one operation panel
  • Designed for use with Mimaki Vision Laminate 310 (Gloss) film
    to ensure a glossy feel and colour brightness


Outdoor Signage, Posters, Swing P.O.P. (PET film), Labels, Packaging and much more…

Specifications of LA Series Laminators


Mimaki LA-160W & LA-170W

Item LA-160W LA-170W
Settable media width Max. 1.580 mm (62,2in) Max. 1.700 mm (66,9in)
Laminating speed Max 7,5 m / minute
Film thickness Max. 35 mm
Core diameter 3 inches
Warm temperature Max. 60 degrees C
Power consumption 1800W or less
Attachment shaft
(with measure scale)
3 inches x 5 pieces
Outer dimensions(W×D×H) 2.000×550×1.280 mm
78,8×21,7×50,4 in
2100×550×1280 mm
82,7×21,7×50,4 in
Weight 205 kg (451,9 lb) 220 kg (485 lb)


Mimaki Vision Laminate 310-137(Gloss)

Item Mimaki Vision Laminate 310-137 (Gloss)
Size 1370mm (54in) x 50m
Material Calendar PVC
Finish Glossy
Film color Transparent
Release paper Glassine paper
Film thickness Representative value 0,07mm (including adhesive)
Outdoor durability 3 years (estimated)


Features of LA Series Laminators

Superior finishing through Heat-assist

LA Series laminators are heat-assisted devices with a maximum temperature of 60˚C. This heat assistance improves overlaminate film adhesion, particularly to surfaces printed with UV-curable inks, and reduces the potential for the silvering effect created by pressure sensitive overlaminates. Due to instant curing, UV inks tend to have a slightly uneven surface which can trap air bubbles during the laminating process, causing silvery specs that can take away from the appearance of the product.

Fast throughput Speeds

Laminating speeds of up to 295 linear inches per minute – or nearly five inches per second – means that the finishing can keep up with production and reduce bottlenecks.

Simple and reliable Operation

This easy-to-use laminator includes all functions on one operation panel, with easy access to the pressure handle and foot pedal. Additionally, a take-up reel makes it easy for one person to control the entire process.

Features of Mimaki Vision Laminate 310-137 (Gloss)

Mimaki Vision Laminating Film

Designed specifically for use with UV-curable inks and LA Series laminators, Mimaki Vision Laminate 310 (Gloss) film offers fine finishing with a glossy feel while maintaining the colour brightness of the print. This high quality, heat assisted overlaminate is also a cost-effective alternative to cold laminating films.

Reduced Silvering

The unevenness of UV ink on the printed surface is likely to generate silvering by conventional laminating film. Mimaki Vision Laminate 310 applies more soft adhesive and weaker film in stiffness than the conventional ones, which reduces the silvering of UV print laminating to retain the essential beauty.

Complete System from Mimaki

LA Series laminators with Mimaki Vision Laminate film are the ideal companions to a UCJV Series UV-LED cut-and-print device. Because UCJV prints are instantly dry, they can immediately be finished on an LA Series laminator. This complete, harmonised solution ensures reliable performance and quality output for those times when a protective overlaminate is preferred.

Glossy Finish is provided with Laminating

The surface of UV printing appears often unevenness and matte finish without glossiness. However laminating by [MV Laminate 310] can make the surface much more flat and provides the glossy finish and color brightness.


Two models are be available: the 158 cm LA-160W model and the 170 cm LA-170W model. Mimaki Vision Laminate 310 is also available in two sizes: 310-137 (137 cm) and 310-152 (152 cm).